They represent Brazil at the Chivas Jazz

Mauro Senise and Tutty Moreno face the festival's monsters

Marco Antonio Barbosa
The II Chivas Jazz Festival brought a selection of great contemporary jazz musicians such as trumpeter Dave Douglas, saxophonist Archie Sheep and guitarist Bill Frisell to play in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, from June 6th to 9th. Among these renowned musicians, only two Brazilians performed at the event: saxophonist Mauro Senise and drummer Tutty Moreno.

Both musicians are highly respected in the national jazz scene, and were enthusiastic about playing the festival. “The production of the event picked the best names in the international vanguard jazz scene; if both I and Tutty were invited, it’s because we’re on the same level as them, nationally”, said Senise. He is releasing his 9th solo CD - Dançando Nas Nuvens 30'' excerpts, recorded with the Mauro Senise Quartet. Moreno’s last CD, Forças D'Alma, was acclaimed by the critics as one of the best jazz albums of the year when it was released, in 1999.