Rock In Rio: Moraes Moreira chooses to rock with a <i>trio elétrico</i>

Silvio Essinger
ROCK CITY, 7:30 p.m. – Moraes Moreira was determined to shove off the Carlinhos Brown curse (he almost got "bottled" away from the stage on Sunday). "Why be afraid of the beautiful youth? I am with you!", said the Bahian musician from the top of the trio elétrico that went up and down the sides of the Rock City. Only a small portion of the teens that will watch Britney Spears later on followed the trio, but those who did were highly in the mood for jumping and sweating. Moreira’s band now features his son, guitarist Davi Moraes. They played hits like Eu Também Quero Beijar, Brasil Pandeiro, Lá Vem o Brasil Descendo a Ladeira, Preta Pretinha Pombo Correio and Festa do Interior . The trio passed by the Electro Tent, and there was no disturbance – the clubbers were untouchable inside their sound dome.