Rock in Rio: Daniela Mercury offers Axé in Rio

Silvio Essinger
ROCK CITY, 1h40 — The word rock was restricted to the name of the event. Bahia-born singer Daniela Mercury was not concerned with innovations and did what she knows best: make the crowd jump with a sheer axé music concert on the World Stage. The videos produced by Gringo Cardia enabled an interesting interaction with her energy, as she dances non-stop. The repertoire featured her major hits: Nobre Vagabundo, Vulcão da Liberdade, Itapoã Ano 2000 (Lucas Santanna) and Pérola Negra. Daniela only takes a break from the frenetic rhythm once, to perform a version of the heartbreaking Como Vai Você (Antônio Marcos). On the last song, Canto da Cidade, Daniela added the introduction chords for Raul Seixas’ Maluco Beleza, doing homage to the rocker who, according to the singer, "believed in a better world". That was the second time Raul was mention tonight. Gilberto Gil had done it by playing bits of Eu Nasci Há Dez Mil Anos Atrás during his set on the World Stage.