Exclusive: Montreux will feature Milton Nascimento and Carlos Santana

In Brazil to check out the Rock In Rio, the producer of the Swiss jazz festival, Claude Nobs, reveals who will be playing the three Brazilian nights of this year's edition

Tárik de Souza
The Swiss founder and producer of the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Claude Nobs, went to check out the overcrowded grounds of the Rock In Rio festival on Sunday night. "I told Roberto Medina (director of the Brazilian fest) that such a mega event would have only been possible in Brazil, with so many people gathered so peacefully in one place", he said in wonder. But Claude also regretted the weakness of the P.A. system. "It's the same size as what I use at Montreaux, which is a much smaller festival, for only a few thousands", he attested.

Excited about this year's edition, the 35th, already, Nobs has spared three nights for Brazilian acts in his jazz festival. One of them is going to get Maria Bethânia, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento together on stage for the first time. Another night will be dedicated to newer acts, such as Bebel Gilberto and Paulo Jobim. Milton Nascimento's meeting with Carlos Santanna is bound to cause frantic reactions. "I want a historic edition, this year", he promised.