CDs might not be commercialized

Nana Vaz de Castro
Clementina's discography only includes the albums that she made on Odeon. For the time being, the gift will be restricted to the lucky clients of the oil company. The label EMI (owner of Odeon's catalogue) informs that there are no plans for the release of Clementina's albums, neither in a box set, nor as individual discs. Right now, there is only one Clementina de Jesus compilation available in the market. From the singer's full discography, there are two discs missing in the box set: Clementina, Cadê Você? (1970) and Canto dos Escravos (1982).

The box set produced by the oil company is eclectic and presents Clementina in many different ways. There's the folk-Clementina, the Clementina-of-the-samba, the Clementina-chic, the MPB-root-Clementina.... besides, there are rare albums like Mudando de Conversa and Fala, Mangueira, which reunited Clementina, Nelson Cavaquinho, Cartola and Carlos Cachaça.

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